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Summer construction season checklist

As your team takes on new construction projects, make sure your business is adequately protected against the unexpected. Here’s a quick checklist for a successful summer.

Does your insurance policy match your contracts?

“Project bids can create unexpected insurance requirements for contractors, such as higher limits or additional insured obligations,” said Director of Commercial Lines Pam Bryan. “We recommend you closely evaluate all contractual obligations before signing a contract. Having those contracts reviewed by your attorney is even better.”

Contact Smith D&L Insurance in Buchanan, Black Hawk, or Linn county if you need to make policy changes to take on a new project.

Are new tools insured?

“It’s a good idea to meet with your agent at Smith D&L Insurance to update your equipment inventory list. Remember to inspect those items that may have been idle over the winter, too,” said Bryan. “The values assigned to equipment should be reviewed on a regular basis to avoid over or underinsuring your equipment.”

Have you provided safety training for employees?

Falls, being struck by an object, electrocution, and being caught in or between an object are the leading causes of worker deaths on construction sites. Safety training is crucial to protecting your workforce from injury.

Grinnell Mutual offers a variety of safety training materials, from safety posters to place in your jobsite trailer to safety talks for employee meetings. Also, check out How to Develop a Contractors Safety Program for templates that can easily be adapted to your business, including a new employee safety checklist and safety training log. Click here for more downloadable resources from grinnellmutual.com.

“Many contractors do not employ a safety manager or safety trainer. Those supervising the jobsite activities are frequently the same individuals providing the safety training,” said Bryan. “Our materials are written so that people without prior experience developing a safety program or conducting a safety meeting can feel confident doing so.”

Have you had a claim?

Even the most safety conscious or adequately insured contracting business can suffer a loss.

“Accidents happen and our business will be there to help pick up the pieces when the unexpected occurs.  It’s important to report a loss promptly, even if you are uncertain that an incident will result in a claim,” said Bryan. “The sooner we are notified, the quicker we get adjusters out and your business can move forward.”

Contact your Smith D&L Insurance at 1-319-334-6066 if your within Independence, IA, Waterloo IA, Cedar Rapids IA, or surrounding areas (Buchanan County, Black Hawk County, Linn County).

Information from Grinnell Mutual was used in this article.

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