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Liquor Liability Insurance

for Restaurants, Bars, Clubs & Other Food Services Businesses

For a catering company, restaurant, or bar that serves alcohol to customers, Liquor Liability coverage is one of the mainstays of business protection. Even if your food business only has a BYOB policy that allows patrons to drink on your premises, you could still be held responsible for any alcohol-related incidents that occur. Though legal fees from liquor-related claims can easily exceed thousands of dollars, many food business owners tend to underestimate the amount of Liquor Liability Insurance they need to protect themselves and their businesses.

Keep reading to discover how Liquor Liability coverage protects your business from severe financial loss, and what to look for in Liquor Liability coverage for your food service businesses.

Food Service Professionals: Liquor Liability Coverage

Small restaurants and catering businesses may assume that their General Liability Insurance will cover legal fees and other costs if they are sued for a liquor-related damage. However, your General Liability coverage does not protect your company against alcohol-related claims. Liquor Liability Insurance can be added to your General Liability Coverage or purchased as a separate policy altogether.

Custom Policies for Food Service Professionals

Smith D&L Insurance  can help you find a Liquor Liability policy that suits the needs of your restaurant, bar, or catering business.  Your independent insurance agent at Smith D&L Insurance will assist you with determining your specific coverage requirements.

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